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AZAADI The Band®, Multi - Genre Band:- Rock, Rock Fusion, Pop, Bollywood, Sufi, Sufi Rock Etc.....


Discover Us

Arrives with a serious reputation attached.

AZAADI The Band® formed in 2007 and signed their first live concert contract. AZAADI The Band® has regularly featured in all major Rock, Rock Fusion, Pop, Bollywood, Sufi, Sufi Rock etc. and was recently named again as the best single of all time. The success of A NIGHT AT THE OPERA was equally stunning, giving the band their first platinum show.

In 2010 AZAADI The Band® has played live concerts across the country and now gearing up for a global tour. AZAADI The Band® Performed Live At Epicentre Gurgaon, For A Musical Concert Presented By 92.7 BIG FM.

AZAADI The Band® is a contemporary rock band from the capital city of India, Delhi. The rock band has so far compiled music from different genres, including fusion, Indian, rock and jazz. This is the best band of Delhi, meanwhile Delhi’s music bands are well famous multi genre band in India. AZAADI The Band® has performed across all over India, latest performance of AZAADI The Band® at The Jerua was in Singhola, GT Karnal Road in 2015.

AZAADI The Band® has team of experience artists who joined us from all over the india and make AZAADI The Band®. The band a successfull band in india and now we are going to proove ourself across the globe.

  • Lead Vocalist
  • Back Vocals & Harmony
  • Lead Guitarist
  • Bass Guitarist
  • Drummer
  • Percussionist
  • Flute Player
  • Keyboard Player

500 Live Performences
2 International Tours
2,000 Songs Performance
478 Twitter Followers